Win Spider Solitaire Four Suit-Solitaire Spider Online

Win Spider Solitaire Four Suit

Win Spider Solitaire Four Suit

Win Spider Solitaire Four Suit

Win Spider Solitaire Four Suit

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The four suit version of Spider Solitaire is easily one of the most of the challenging solitaire games out there and simply put not every game can be won. You always need some luck! The two suit and one suit versions are far easier and winning is much more common!

If you are playing it on the computer with an undo feature (or just peeking when playing with two decks by hand), it’s often worth looking under a card you are about to uncover to see if that will give you another move.

Where possible build cards together in their respective suit. This gives you greater freedom in moving the cards as the game progresses.

When you have two or more open columns it is often easier to restack columns so that they are in their suits before filling those columns with more permanent cards. The idea is to clean up your active columns so they are easier to move later.

Kings can never be placed on any card, so its usually best to move these to open columns.

Where possible try to play cards from columns that are closer to being empty. Really the key to the game is getting those empty columns! Always try to expose new cards first by moving your current cards around rather than moving them straight to an empty column.

Always build on higher ranked cards. Often this means that you get more moves. For example move a Jack onto a Queen before moving a 10 onto a Jack.

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