Top 3 best sports games for Android in 2018


Ever since the days of Pong, video games have been simulating sport. It’s a natural fit, really. You well defined, easily understood rules and tactile physics right there for the exploiting.

game Of course, many sports games these days play fast and loose with those rules. Sure, there are plenty of in-depth simulations, but there are just as many crazy offshoots. Nowhere is this diversity more evident than on mobile. #1 Football Manager Touch 2018 Undoubtedly the deepest, most involved sports game on the Google Play Store. Football Manager Touch 2018 is a dauntingly complete management game with countless variables. #2 Punch Club This charming game lets you train up your very own MMA fighter, as well as handling his humdrum life outside of the ring. There’s no actual hands-on fighting in Punch Club, but you’ll feel thoroughly involved all the same. #3 New Star Soccer New Star Soccer, in which a footballer’s career is broken down into entertainingly bite-sized mini-games, is a footy game that even non-football fans can enjoy.

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