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the surge

This page contains tips, tricks and strategies to help you survive the automated revolt in The Surge.

Things to Do First

The world of the Surge is pretty big, and though you might quickly become an adept robo-hunter, here are some important things to know when first starting out in Abandoned Production.

Yes, the Rhino gear set looks awesome and boosts your defense and weapon damage, but it’s much harder to complete the set in the early moments of the game.

the surge

The first area, Abandoned Production, is teeming with enemies wearing Lynx gear – meaning you’ll be able to quickly acquire all the schematics you need and farm the components to put together a full armor set.

Also, the Lynx gearset only requires 12 Core Power to equip than the Rhino set (it costs 19 CP), which means you won’t need to spend extra time grinding for scrap to unlock the gear set bonus.

Before you even install your replacement power core, you’ll want to grab some extra scrap to upgrade your equipment and power core with.

After harvesting the replacement cell, turn around and head back towards the Medbay, but duck into the large metal pipe on your right – there’s a worker in here. Eliminate him for some extra scrap, then pick up the Small Pile of Rare Metal Scrap behind him.

There are also additional piles behind the machinery across from this pipe, and another up the exolift past the two drones behind the Medbay.


Also before returning to the Medbay to install your new power core, be sure to collect these two implants:

A V1 Vital Boost will add an extra 10% to your health bar. You can find it in the open blue cargo container to the right of the stairs leading up to the stairs to Ops.

The Aggression Amplifier V1 can be found by smashing the crates next to the Ops door and heading to the back of the platform, past the exo-lift. It will restore 10% of your health bar every time you perform a finishing move.


Once you get your new power core installed, you’ll want to head back out into the world. Be sure to focus your attacks on the right arm of the second worker you encounter in the Assembly Halls and perform a finisher to sever the limb.


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