Swordsman Mobile 1: Features that can draw in players’ money


Swordsman (VLTK), a game that has deep into the blood of many younger generations.

Swordsman (VLTK), a game that was ingrained in the blood of many young people, but in 2000, can not be denied that this game has made a name for the publisher VNG. For more than a decade, the VLTK monument for PC has gradually faded to seemingly as deserted. As a monument is constantly evolving, after many years of operation, the VLTK has released many major updates as well as upgraded graphics. A few years ago, Vietnamese gamers had VLTK mobile version on the mobile platform was developed on 3D graphics.


However, in September, quite unexpected when the Vietnamese market will appear a mobile version of VLTK is considered as a remake version of VLTK 1 to mobile named Swordsman 1 Remake Mobile. As far as the information is said by gamers, the developer of this mobile will be released as pirated server.

Through some of the first images, we can see Swarms 1 Remake Mobile was developed on Unity and there are some gameplay edits to suit the mobile platform. At this point, many players feel anxious whether the game will “suck blood” players through what features? Is it as formidable as its “predecessor”?

Equipment in the equipment of the Vo Lam as weapons, clothes, hats, belts, etc., each has its own five attributes as well as level, but not all. is immutable. Everything can change. Players can change their item’s attributes by mosaic. Glass mosaics are one of the functions of the Blacksmith, which helps you to change some of the characteristics of the equipment depending on the color of the Glass. To get the magic glass, gamers have to buy with Xu (dong).

Hoang Kim: Hoang Kim is the dream of all players of the forest. However, the artifacts are not many, the lucky ones are the owners of the Golden Knights, or the States, the State has an outstanding feature throughout the war, only a small fraction. . Gamers will have to buy materials to refine Hoang Kim equipment.

In addition to the above features, the game can completely suck money of players through the familiar features such as: Boss Hoang Kim, Lei Hal, Vo Kim battlefield, …

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