Review Blossom Blast Saga

Match your way through a cascade of bee-autiful garden levels in Blossom Blast Saga, a fun linker game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga! Link flower buds of the same colors to make beautiful flowers blossom, and clear the flowerbeds before you run out of moves!

Match 3 or more flower buds to make the world bloom into spectacular colors. Connect more flower buds to set off a glorious chain-reaction and watch your score grow! Collect every flower and make your way through gorgeous garden levels in this colorful adventure game!


Blossom Blast Saga features:

  • Connect Flower Buds to make them grow
  • Fun game with simple, casual gameplay that’s easy to learn but challenging to master
  • Link flower buds in beautiful gardens filled with colorful graphics
  • Connect 3 or more flower buds of the same color to link and grow your flowers
  • Connect flowerbeds to get ‘Awesome Blossom!’ and ‘Flower Power’ game assists


Match and Link in a Colorful Puzzle Game

  • Match and link beautiful flowers in over 600 colorful levels
  • Blossom flowers in beautiful garden levels like Dreamy Meadow, Carnival Garden and beyond

4 Puzzle Modes

  • Collect Flowers Mode: Connect flowers of certain colors in a sequence
  • Bloom in Scoring Mode: Match 3 of the same colorful flowers to gain points
  • Remove Weeds Mode: Link flowers surrounding weeds to remove them from the garden
  • Big Flower Bud Mode: Link bigger flower buds with other flowers, or blossom nearby flowers

Collect Flowers with Friends and Follow Their Progress

  • Connect to the Blossom Blast Saga leaderboards to watch your friends’ status
  • Link your game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the internet

Match your way through luscious garden stages, link beautiful flowers and connect with friends to share your experience. Play Blossom Blast Saga, the fun linker game where you collect beautiful flowers!

Blossom Blast Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Modern Combat Versus is the latest online FPS from Gameloft. In this game, players square off in four-versus-four multiplayer matches where each team attempts to maintain control of a centralized zone. The playable characters, or Agents, each have their own roles and specialties to help turn the tide of battle. Gamezebo’s Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get the hang of the basics so you can dive in and start dominating.


Move and Shoot

The controls in MCVS are fairly straightforward: you move by sliding your thumb on the left side of the screen and aim by doing the same on the right. Sliding your finger all the way up on the left so the virtual joystick is maxed will cause your character to sprint. When sprinting, they are able to jump over short obstacles or run along walls with flashing arrows on them.

Double-tapping the right side of the screen (or tapping the icon if you’ve changed this in settings) activates your alternate action. For most Agents, this is aiming down the sights to give you more range and precision when aiming at an enemy from a distance, making it easier to land headshots. A few Agents have unique alternate actions, like Ghost’s stab or Ronen’s dash.

When your reticle lands on an enemy within range, you will auto-fire on them (although you can also change this to a manual button from the settings menu). Note: even in auto mode, you will only shoot if you have a finger on the right side of the screen (aiming). Just standing still, with a reticle on the enemy but not touching the screen, will not result in an attack.

The ammo icon in the bottom-right corner allows you to reload instantly instead of waiting for your magazine to be empty. There is no crouching, jumping, or grenade throwing (unless you’re using Blaze): you really only need to worry about moving, aiming, and activating your special ability.

Special Abilities

Every character in MCVS has a special ability tailored to their role. For instance, Kan, a Defender, can place a defensive dome on the battlefield that shields any teammates standing inside its walls. Mi-Nu, an Assassin, can temporarily increase her speed and regenerate health, allowing her to slip behind enemy ranks quickly or escape an ambush.

These abilities cost Core Charges to activate: your Core Charge meter is visible on the bottom of the screen, below the ability button. The number of Core Charges you have stored up is listed on the left side of the meter while the cost of your Agent’s ability is visible just below the button and varies between Agents. Kan’s shield costs five Core Charges while Mi-Nu’s only costs three.

You earn Core Charges automatically as the battle progresses. The meter will fill with one Charge every six seconds automatically—even if you’re just standing still—but you can earn Charges faster by killing opponents and helping to capture the control zone. Once you have enough Charges stored to activate your ability, its button will light up blue. The cost of the ability will be deducted from your Charge total (so if you had five Charges and hit Mi-Nu’s ability button, she would have two remaining to apply towards the next use).

Top games for you can not be ignored

Closers Online is a fast-paced, action-packed action game featuring horizontal screenplay, somewhat similar to the titles of the same genre that have been released in Vietnam such as Dragonica, RaiderZ … , players will be selected between different characters to confront … >> Play now: free online games for girls game_online-1Online Closers creates a strong impression of Vietnamese gamers by the action of horizontal screen action, allowing players to continuously combine combo skills at the attack, at the same time adding specific effects in the game. Struggling to create an impression. Control mechanism in Closers Online is relatively simple and not too popular compared to the possession of cutting edge games genre, when the player controls the character moves with the arrow keys, besides toss Beat the hot key (0-9). Also, some of the keys come with special character moves such as Z for regular attacks, X for dancing, Space for quick reversal, etc. Avabel Online Avabel Online takes players to an exotic tower with many different rooms. Here, each room has its own private world and belongs to the masses of bosses as well as aggressive monsters. Bring in the popular elements of the MMORPG, the player conquers the world in the game as well as obliterating the enemy in his own way. game_online-2Get the latest Unity3D graphics design. Avabel Online not only gives the player unique footage, of course, stop the execution. These are very perfect visual effects. Each character in the game has its own style and is dressed in unique European outfits. The game gives the player thousands of quests with many different obligations that make it easy for players to win popular prizes. Most of the missions in Avabel Online will ask the player to attack, destroy the monsters on level or fight with one boss. Not only that, players can find other items to approve many events brought by the GM. Blast Out Blast Out is based on a very fun custom map that has been around for a long time in Warcraft 3. Basically, gamers will be put on a serious battlefield that will shrink the territory once and for all. Have to buy the way to push opponents – it is the other players out (easier) or beat them out of blood (very hard) to win. game_online-3 Of course, in order to do this, the player needs to gain some extra skill that will be provided at the level. It is interesting that you own the option to change them or upgrade after a period of battle in the battle. Blast Out not only gives you a unique skill, but also a set of skills, so we can completely create combo moves to discourage others. However, the most beautiful element of this game is still the ‘hack hack’ the opponent has intercepted the streets that the opponent can not dodge, the effect is extremely fun.

Monster Hunter: World guide: Bounties

As you play Monster Hunter: World, you’re never short of things to do. There are people to meet, monsters to hunt, mushrooms to collect and the New World to explore. These activities are associated with activities like investigations, bounties, expeditions and assigned quests. Keeping track of everything being asked of you — and learning what you can ignore — takes practice. This guide will focus on the bounties that you accept from the Resource Center. Generally, bounties are like investigation quests, but for the collectible crafting materials that you find all over the world of Monster Hunter: World. They’re pretty self-explanatory, but they do need a little clarification. WHAT ARE BOUNTIES? There are three types of bounties in Monster Hunter: World: Field research. These bounties fall into a broad category of “gather X” material — plants, mushrooms, honey, etc. There’s a bit of nuance to these categories — flutterflies don’t count toward insects and shroomcaps don’t count as mushrooms — but that makes more sense as you play and learn the game’s language.

Monster_Hunter_World_guide_walkthrough_60.0 Ecology survey. These “surveys” are basically just slaying investigations without the time limit — you just have to kill a specified number of small monsters. Research progress. Research progress bounties are a little different than the other two. To complete them, you have to complete a set number of quests in a specified area of the map. The easiest way to do this is to complete investigation quests. BOUNTIES AND ARMOR SPHERES You get to keep everything you collect while completing bounties. While it’s always useful to collect items, visiting the Resource Center after you’ve met a bounty’s requirement will earn you a reward. Usually, this reward comes in the form of armor spheres. Use armor spheres at the workshop to upgrade and improve your armor. REGISTERING AND TRACKING BOUNTIES Just like investigations, you can manage your bounties at the Resource Center in Astera. Choosing the register bounties option lets you pick up to six to work on. You can also swap out and overwrite bounties if you change your mind about one. Out in the field, you’ll get an update about your progress on your bounties any time you pick up an item that counts toward one. If you miss the notification, though, you can check on them at any time in your menu. Go to info on the third tab, then choose the third option, resource center, then choose bounties. WHEN TO DO BOUNTIES The short answer is: always. Just all of the time. Keep six bounties running every chance you get. There’s no time limit on them, and you can make progress on them during any other type of quest. You’ll find yourself accidentally completing them all the time. And we can’t emphasize enough just how useful those armor spheres are.

Get Ready with choose your story games online free?

Get Ready with choose your story games online free? Please join to learn more in the article below Play now: choose your story games online free Episode lets you LIVE your stories. One choice YOU make can change everything! The world’s largest home of visual stories where YOU choose your path. Or, become a creator and write your own! <3 episode-choose-your-story Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that with over 75,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter. From your favorite movie titles like Mean Girls to fan faves such as Bad Boy’s Girl, Episode will keep you interacting for hours. With all your favorite genres, there’s no time like the present to fall in love, rise to fame, or solve a decade-old mystery. Better yet, join this incredible community and become a creator of your own – writing stories, amassing lots of fans along the way. You’ve always dreamed of joining the hottest acapella group in ACA-HISTORY, the Bellas! Now you’re at Barden University and it’s your time to shine. Will you be able to balance auditions and showing off your vocal chops in the riff-off, ALL while being torn between two new love interests? If you haven’t yet, start reading PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! – CREATE YOUR PERSONAL LOOK & choose your best outfits – EXPERIENCE THE SUSPENSE & uncover the mysterious “A” – FIND LOVE & decide your path to romance >>> Other: barbie games for girls OTHER FEATURED STORIES: MEAN GIRLS: SENIOR YEAR. Step inside girl world & navigate the drama and romance of Senior Year at North Shore High with Regina George, Cady, Janis, Damian, & the Plastics. You’ll also meet your dream guy but Regina won’t let you get him easily. DEMI LOVATO: PATH TO FAME. After winning a spot on Demi’s tour, it’s time to embrace your true self and define your dream career. Demi shares her advice on taking control of destiny, what choices will YOU make? FALLING FOR THE DOLAN TWINS. On your first day in LA, you meet the cutest guy you’ve ever seen—then you meet his twin brother. As you get closer to Ethan & Grayson Dolan, the sparks start to fly…but who will you choose? Please note that Episode is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you want to limit the ability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store.

5 action games for the android operating system

5 action games for the android operating system –best action games for android;  Action games are among the most played on any platform. Have all the action games like shooters, fighting games, adventure games, platformers and other popular stuff make narrowing it into a competition. Here are the top 5 action games worth to play in 2018. Adventure of Alto Alto’s adventure is one of the most jogged games in 2016. This is a relatively simple game. You ski down a hill forever as you dance through giant chasms, collect llamas, and limit other serious problems. The game also contains graphics, Material Graphics and it plays very well. Its endless runner nature means you will constantly avoid things while skiing down the hill. It’s a must-have choice for anyone who wants a good line. That good price that plays cheap and appropriate there are other action games. Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme is a racing game from Gameloft. This is an off-road racing game where you race with tough opponents. possesses five modes of total play along, more than 400 races, 500 challenges, and 35 vehicles for more than universal possession. The game is also with 1 multiplayer online game where you can race with up to eight opponents. Exit This is a freemium game so it will possess the usual pitfalls. In addition, Gameloft has made up for it by way of the majority of work to do and the race can grow into intense. Unique in multiplayer mode. action-gameCritical activities Critical Ops is one of the first shooters. It also makes it one of the better action games. It carries the standard advanced premise, where you can play as terrorists or as an anti-terrorist unit. It also includes 1 of the better multiplayer online players for a mobile shooter. It keeps things simple and boasts a much more popular skill-based gameplay. Slow deployment is a low-fidelity instance where you like city shooters. It is also technically still in the strong stage. Construction Execution This means that it will become lower over time. It does not carry a purchase negotiation in the application. Duet Duet is a fierce game shocking to its minimum. The premise is that you rotate two balls around a central axis. Your goal is to avoid the platforms by shooting two balls. In fact, it’s harder than sound. You will also see signs on the platforms that you have mistakenly adjusted so that you can see it just take about. You carry the main campaign mode for free and you can unlock the game play modes and additional content once owned by the player. Deployment is a minimal game and it shows that you do not need the perfect graphics for a powerful experience. Geometry Wars 3: Geometry Wars 3: Wars 3 is an arcade game that packs most of the action. You will be teleported to a variety of destruction-rich 3D maps in spectacular, colorful explosions. The game carries over 100 levels, 15 mesh to play, 12 game modes, and a range of abilities and companions to follow. In addition, you have a hardcore mode where you can play without being able to play or with a companion. You can play with the hardware controller if you like. Its price is $ 9.99. Not only that, you only pay once. >>>> The action action will be preset to try a once in life: online action games play now

Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor Review. Imagine you’re a small child in a quiet suburb, playing in the street on an idyllic afternoon. Suddenly, there’s a terrible shrieking from your neighbor’s house across the road. You run over and peek in the neighbor’s window just in time to see him barricading the basement door. What is he hiding down there? A prisoner? A nightmarish genetic abomination? Hello Neighbor has answers to that question, but not only is getting to those answers an enormously frustrating experience, but the answers themselves aren’t worth the effort.

Hello Neighbor is based around a stellar idea: In the game’s first act, you are that aforementioned child, who has taken it upon himself to sneak into his neighbor’s house any way he can and get into the basement. The neighbor–a gruff gentleman with an all-time great mustache–doesn’t take kindly to intrusions, though, and each time the child gets caught trying to sneak in, the neighbor sets new traps, locks doors, and patrols that area more often. Conceptually, it’s a promising twist on the usual neck-snapping military shenanigans of the average stealth game. The aesthetics are also a bit unusual, with a sort of warped 1950s retro design to everything that truly stands out. Unfortunately, that’s where the coolness ends.

Hello Neighbor Review
Hello Neighbor Review

In practice, even with the game spending significant time in Early Access, it feels unfinished at launch. While it’s commendable that there’s so much leeway in how you can approach the neighbor’s house, Hello Neighbor tips the balance from player freedom to player neglect. The controls are bizarrely unintuitive, with an unusual and confusing button layout that can’t be remapped. But the further you progress in the house, the more convoluted the neighbor’s security system turns out to be.

Hello Neighbor hearkens back to the dark ages of point-and-click adventure games in terms of nonsensical solutions to simple problems. A complex magnet device, which you use to activate switches from afar in a couple of puzzles, is lying around in a place obvious enough to stumble on it by accident. Meanwhile, for some reason, something as useful as a simple wrench is lying in the neighbor’s fridge, where you would never think to look. All the while, the game itself offers zero insight into what a given item can or cannot be used for, with many items’ functions flying in the face of basic reason.

The game’s complete disregard for logic or consistency shows itself when the neighbor is factored in as well. Left to his own devices, he just wanders his home aimlessly, with no discernible pattern. However, no matter how softly you sneak around, no matter how carefully you evade, the neighbor’s ability to hear, see, and find you seems to be wholly unaffected by anything you do. In one of my earliest playthroughs, I had managed to sneak up behind the guy, trying to see if I could pick his pockets, and he never moved. Later, I was two rooms away from him, having snuck into an open window, and somehow, he went on high alert and found me. That level of unpredictability works when it’s a xenomorph in Alien Isolation, but not when it’s a guy dressed like Ned Flanders. The sole blessing here is that getting caught, despite being an experience entirely without tension since all the guy does is get up in your face, immediately drops you back at your house, typically with any items you’ve picked up along the way still in your inventory.

Steep: Road To The Olympics Review

Steep: Road To The Olympics Review. When Ubisoft Annecy’s extreme sports game Steep launched last year, it sold itself on the promise of big mountain exploration. In light of this, Steep’s newest expansion, Road to the Olympics, feels somewhat incongruous with the rest of the game. Something as regimented, restricted, and well-defined as the Olympics does not fit well with a game that challenges you to break all restrictions and find every nook and cranny hidden in the mountains. However, despite its name, Road to the Olympics includes much more than just the Olympics; it adds a huge swath of beautiful and brutal terrain, as well as new events that are surprisingly entertaining.

Those parts of the DLC are hidden behind the story mode, however, which is not much more than a classic longshot narrative: You are an aspiring freestyle Olympian, and you have to complete a series of events in order to make it onto the Olympic team. Your ultimate goal is to become the first freestyle athlete to win the gold medal in all three freestyle disciplines: Big Air, Slopestyle, and Halfpipe.

Steep: Road To The Olympics Review
Steep: Road To The Olympics Review

As you progress through training and the various pre-Olympic competitions, the story is interspersed with actual video interviews with famous winter athletes. These are probably the best moments in the mode, as it’s fascinating to hear Lindsey Vonn or Gus Kenworthy talk about their training regimen, what their anxieties are, or how it feels to win a competition. Generally, Olympic athletes only ever get visibility when they are actually participating in the Olympics, so it’s easy to only think of them in the context of their sports. To see highly successful athletes sitting down in street clothes and talking about their experiences with obvious passion instills a sense of humanity and relatability that we rarely otherwise get.

Unfortunately, the rest of the story doesn’t match the interviews in quality. Each event feels bizarrely disconnected from the interviews, and the mode’s narrator treats your character as a nameless, faceless competitor who is supposed to be taking snowboarding by storm. In addition, the actual competitions are frustratingly easy if you’ve played the base game. During my playthrough of the story, I never once came close to falling out of first place, and I’d routinely score two or three times higher than the other competitors. During some events, where the total score is the sum of the scores of three runs, my two-run score would be significantly higher than the competitors’ three-run scores. Although its in-depth tutorial make it a great mode for newcomers, veterans of the game won’t find anything particularly exciting or intriguing. Thankfully, it only takes three hours to complete, so you can quickly get through it and turn your attention to the much more rewarding parts of the expansion: the new open world and the various challenges contained within.

Most Read Game Reviews Of 2017

Most Read Game Reviews Of 2017. With 2017 quickly coming to a close and 2018 looming on the horizon, we’re taking a step back to reflect on the biggest gaming trends from the past year. 2017 was packed with incredible game releases across all platforms, from instant PS4 classics like Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 to the debut of the Nintendo Switch and its exceptional new Mario and Legend of Zelda games. The past year was certainly not lacking for highly anticipated releases, regardless of which console you own.

But while many of the year’s most hotly awaited titles lived up to the lofty expectations surrounding them, not every game turned out the way fans may have hoped. Mass Effect: Andromeda was considered by many to be one of the year’s biggest disappointments, especially compared to its acclaimed predecessors, and at the beginning of the year, few could have predicted the backlash that would meet Star Wars Battlefront II thanks to its controversial microtransactions. Fan criticism was so severe that EA temporarily removed microtransactions from the game just prior to its launch.

Most Read Game Reviews Of 2017
Most Read Game Reviews Of 2017

With so many major titles out in 2017, we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 most-read game reviews from January through the end of November. Read on to see which reviews were our most popular in the past year. “Within Persona 5 is a complex set of interconnected gameplay mechanics, and in almost every aspect Atlus has executed on its vision exceptionally, barring the pacing issues towards the end. At every turn, it presents something to marvel at, whether it’s the fluid combat, vibrant world, or the many memorable characters.

It’s a game I could talk about for hours; I haven’t mentioned the ability to connect to the Thieves Guild, which lets you see how other players spent their day or ask them for help answering questions at school. Or the thumping acid-jazz-infused soundtrack that I’ve not been able to get out of my head. Or even just the joy of seeing how it stylishly transitions between menus. But that encapsulates why Persona 5 is a game that shouldn’t be missed. It’s stuffed to bursting point with gameplay ideas and presentation flourishes–there’s an overwhelming level of artistry in every part of Persona 5, making it a truly standout entry in the series.” — Lucy James [Read the full review]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is every bit as fantastical as you’d hope, an RPG set in a massive world where man and animal live on the backs of tremendous beasts in a sea of clouds. The world of Alrest, simultaneously Earthly and alien, with a mysterious history that even its major players fail to truly understand, is a magical place to inhabit. It appropriately sets the stage for an epic adventure that gets more interesting as it develops, but this greatness comes after dozens of hours filled with eye rolls and bewilderment. For all the good things Xenoblade 2 eventually introduces, the 80-plus hours it takes to complete the story won’t feel like time wasted, but the bad taste of the its lesser qualities is never completely washed away.

The cliched hero Rex is a naive and upbeat salvager who gets wrapped up in contract work with the game’s soon-to-be villains at the start. They seek a legendary sword, which in this case is the weapon-manifestation of a human-like being known as a Blade. When a human resonates with a Blade, as Rex does with his objective, Pyra, a lifelong partnership forms. Though sentimental to a point, these bonds are also a bit lopsided as Blades are forever bound to serve their masters. Xenoblade 2 does address this as the story unravels, one of the few smart instances when the game puts itself to task. Rex doesn’t quite enjoy the same full-circle maturation, sadly, though his positivity at least grows more welcome as stakes rise and other characters’ outlooks sour.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

Anyone familiar with Xenoblade Chronicles will rightfully recognize the way Xenoblade 2 sets you up to be surprised in the end, as characters gradually reveal secret thoughts, unveil unexpected backstories, and make moves that catch you off guard. These thought-provoking revelations reshape your understanding of the world and the point of your participation. But long before the story delivers these compelling beats, you are thrust into predictable scenarios and presented with poorly voiced characters from one scene to the next. Once again, the stout and furry Nopon creatures are an annoyance on par with Jar Jar Binks, harming would-be dramatic scenes the moment they open their mouths.

Rex and Pyra seek Elysium, a sort of paradise atop a towering tree running through the center of Alrest. They partner with a small selection of comrades from different walks of life who surprisingly have more in common than they initially realize. You can only ever travel as a party of three, but with a Blade standing behind each character, or Driver, battles are frenzied displays. Still, Xenoblade 2 gives you a chance to breathe and strategize during its real-time bouts. Every character will dish out basic attacks automatically, which in turn fuel more advanced skills. You only ever have complete control over one character, but your allies will chime in with requests to perform certain moves. How you manage this process, and the numerous other battle mechanics, can make or break your success against the game’s tougher enemies.