Playing One Suit Spider Solitaire| Solitaire Review

Playing One Suit Spider Solitaire


Playing One Suit Spider Solitaire free

Shuffle 2 decks of playing cards together. For this, don’t take any cards out (apart from the jokers) — just look past the suits and pretend they’re all the same. Otherwise you’d need way more decks!

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Deal 10 piles of cards out in a horizontal line. Each card should be face down and vertically oriented. Each of the first 4 piles should contain 5 cards, and the last 6 piles should each contain 4 cards.

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Deal another card, face up, on each of the 10 piles. The first 4 piles should now contain a total of 6 cards (with the uppermost card face up) and the last 6 piles should now contain a total of 5 cards (uppermost card face up).

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Set the rest of the combined decks aside, face down. This pile is known as the “stock.” You’ll be drawing from it when you run out of moves on your tableau.

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Build sequences of cards in descending order by doing the following: Move any face-up card onto a card with the next-highest value in the deck, regardless of suit. For example, a Queen of any suit can go on top of a King of any suit; a 7 of any suit can go on top of an 8 of any suit. Place each new card slightly lower than the card you’re playing it on, so you can still see the value and suit of each previously played card. You can move the card closest to you in each face up stack to another stack at your convenience. You can only move several face-up cards together if they’re all in descending order. For example, the K-Q-J-10-9 or 5-4-3 (of any suit) can be moved together as a single unit.

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Turn face-down cards face-up as they become uncovered. You cannot leave any piles unturned (why would you want to?). Once you deplete all the cards from a particular pile, you can fill the empty space with any face-up card or descending sequence of suited cards. You cannot use the stockpile if you have any empty columns to fill. Simply take a card (or a bunch) from a stack and place it in the empty column.

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Use the stock when you run out of moves. If you’re looking at your tableau and you don’t see anything you can possibly do, turn to your stock. Deal one card face-up from the stock onto each of the 10 card stacks, then continue play. When you run out of stock cards to add and can’t do anything, wah wah. Game over. Playing with one suit is fairly doable, but when you hit two and four it becomes rather difficult.

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Remove King-through-Ace sequences from play as you succeed in creating them. Set them aside face-up. When you have 8, you’re finished! Take care to keep the completed sequences separate from the stockpile you set aside after the initial deal. Play ends when you’ve succeeded in creating all 8 “builds,” or suited King-through-Ace sequences, or when no more moves are possible.

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