Warframe: Quick Start Guide

Along with the in-game tutorials, these guides are here to help you navigate Warframe.


When you first launch Warframe, it will check for updates using the launcher. In this launcher, you can specify the language you would like Warframe to run in by opening the language drop-down list in the top-right corner. Selecting the correct option will make all text in the game localized to your native language!



After the introductory cinematic, you’ll be given a choice of three Warframes. Your Warframe functions as a kind of exo-armor suit that protects you from enemies and provides you with unique powers. The Warframe you choose will greatly impact your first missions, so choose wisely! Not to worry, this selection is not final. In time you will be able to construct or purchase additional Warframes to master!

Volt can create and harness electrical elements. This is a high-damage Warframe perfect for players who want a potent alternative to gun-play.

Shock Launches a shocking projectile. It stuns and deals high damage to a single target and chains damage to nearby enemies.
Speed Volt energizes his body and nearby Warframes, giving them increased speed and dexterity for a short time.
Electric Shield Volt deploys an obstacle of energy, providing cover in any situation.
Discharge Paralyze nearby hostiles with a damaging electric charge, this also shocks approaching enemies.
These robust Warframes will serve you well during your exploits and are capable of completing any mission. Remember you can still choose other Warframes to test out other play-styles and experiment with new powers.


Your first mission will teach you several basic mechanics of the game, as well as have you choose your initial equipment loadout. Like your Warframe selection, these choices are not permanent; there are over a hundred different weapons for you to find and add to your arsenal!


Your melee weapons allow you to perform special stealth attacks on enemies that are unaware of your presence. If you are able to perform a stealth attack on an enemy, a special context action will be available (Default: E). Stealth attacks will deal massive damage, killing weaker enemies outright. You may find missions easier to complete by eliminating enemies stealthily before they can raise the alarm.


Your sidearm may not be as strong as your primary loadout weapon, but has a separate ammo reserve, and can be used while you’re in a near-death bleedout state. Properly modded, your secondary weapon may become the deadliest weapon at your disposal!

The Lato is a pistol that deals average damage but is highly accurate thanks to its low recoil.
The silent Kunai travel in an arc when thrown, allowing you to hit enemies that are behind cover without raising an alarm.


Your final selection will be your primary weapon. With a primary weapon, your loadout will be complete; try a weapon that covers the shortcomings of your other weapons so you can handle most situations you’ll come across.

How To Play Hello Neighbor For Free?

Your wicked neighbor!Hello Neighbor guide contains walkthrough and helpful tips. This game guide can help you deal with the mysterious neighbor and reach his deepest secret hidden in the basement. You will find here also information about keys (red, green and silver key).

A game guide, walkthrough, and tips for the game Hello Neighbor. This game guide can help you deal with the mysterious neighbor and reach his deepest secret hidden in the basement.

Starting tips

Starting Tips – how to play the game and not get caught.
System Requirements – will Hello Neighbor work on my PC?
Controls – how to move your character.

Hello Neighbor


This walkthrough describes a relatively stress-free way of beating the game and outwitting the mean neighbor. You can find several solutions allowing you to complete the game faster.

Act 1 – how to get the first red key?
Act 2 – how to escape neighbor’s house?
Act 3 – how to move around huge neighbor’s house?
How to get the red key?
How to get the green key?
How to get the basement access card?
Finale – The final battle.
All hiding places
We have also indicated all hiding places inside the neighbor’s house.

All Hideouts and wardrobes

Silver Key
A Silver Key in Hello Neighbor is very special item, which unfortunately cannot be obtained anymore. Silver Key was crucial item in alpha stage of the game – it has been replaced by red key, green key and basement access card.

About Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a stealth game with a disturbing atmosphere, in which players are tasked with getting to the mysterious basement inside their neighbor’s house. The neighbor in question, however, is very vigilant and tries to scare the protagonist off his house with diverse traps, monitoring system, and alarms. The game features advanced Artificial Intelligence, as the neighbor learns from player’s actions – he boards the broken windows up and secures the routes you most often take.

Source: solitaireus.org

Tips and Tricks – The Surge Wiki Guide – IGN

This page contains tips, tricks and strategies to help you survive the automated revolt in The Surge.

Things to Do First

The world of the Surge is pretty big, and though you might quickly become an adept robo-hunter, here are some important things to know when first starting out in Abandoned Production.

Yes, the Rhino gear set looks awesome and boosts your defense and weapon damage, but it’s much harder to complete the set in the early moments of the game.

the surge

The first area, Abandoned Production, is teeming with enemies wearing Lynx gear – meaning you’ll be able to quickly acquire all the schematics you need and farm the components to put together a full armor set.

Also, the Lynx gearset only requires 12 Core Power to equip than the Rhino set (it costs 19 CP), which means you won’t need to spend extra time grinding for scrap to unlock the gear set bonus.

Before you even install your replacement power core, you’ll want to grab some extra scrap to upgrade your equipment and power core with.

After harvesting the replacement cell, turn around and head back towards the Medbay, but duck into the large metal pipe on your right – there’s a worker in here. Eliminate him for some extra scrap, then pick up the Small Pile of Rare Metal Scrap behind him.

There are also additional piles behind the machinery across from this pipe, and another up the exolift past the two drones behind the Medbay.


Also before returning to the Medbay to install your new power core, be sure to collect these two implants:

A V1 Vital Boost will add an extra 10% to your health bar. You can find it in the open blue cargo container to the right of the stairs leading up to the stairs to Ops.

The Aggression Amplifier V1 can be found by smashing the crates next to the Ops door and heading to the back of the platform, past the exo-lift. It will restore 10% of your health bar every time you perform a finishing move.


Once you get your new power core installed, you’ll want to head back out into the world. Be sure to focus your attacks on the right arm of the second worker you encounter in the Assembly Halls and perform a finisher to sever the limb.

Source: solitaireus.org

Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Modern Combat Versus is the latest online FPS from Gameloft. In this game, players square off in four-versus-four multiplayer matches where each team attempts to maintain control of a centralized zone. The playable characters, or Agents, each have their own roles and specialties to help turn the tide of battle. Gamezebo’s Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get the hang of the basics so you can dive in and start dominating.


Move and Shoot

The controls in MCVS are fairly straightforward: you move by sliding your thumb on the left side of the screen and aim by doing the same on the right. Sliding your finger all the way up on the left so the virtual joystick is maxed will cause your character to sprint. When sprinting, they are able to jump over short obstacles or run along walls with flashing arrows on them.

Double-tapping the right side of the screen (or tapping the icon if you’ve changed this in settings) activates your alternate action. For most Agents, this is aiming down the sights to give you more range and precision when aiming at an enemy from a distance, making it easier to land headshots. A few Agents have unique alternate actions, like Ghost’s stab or Ronen’s dash.

When your reticle lands on an enemy within range, you will auto-fire on them (although you can also change this to a manual button from the settings menu). Note: even in auto mode, you will only shoot if you have a finger on the right side of the screen (aiming). Just standing still, with a reticle on the enemy but not touching the screen, will not result in an attack.

The ammo icon in the bottom-right corner allows you to reload instantly instead of waiting for your magazine to be empty. There is no crouching, jumping, or grenade throwing (unless you’re using Blaze): you really only need to worry about moving, aiming, and activating your special ability.

Special Abilities

Every character in MCVS has a special ability tailored to their role. For instance, Kan, a Defender, can place a defensive dome on the battlefield that shields any teammates standing inside its walls. Mi-Nu, an Assassin, can temporarily increase her speed and regenerate health, allowing her to slip behind enemy ranks quickly or escape an ambush.

These abilities cost Core Charges to activate: your Core Charge meter is visible on the bottom of the screen, below the ability button. The number of Core Charges you have stored up is listed on the left side of the meter while the cost of your Agent’s ability is visible just below the button and varies between Agents. Kan’s shield costs five Core Charges while Mi-Nu’s only costs three.

You earn Core Charges automatically as the battle progresses. The meter will fill with one Charge every six seconds automatically—even if you’re just standing still—but you can earn Charges faster by killing opponents and helping to capture the control zone. Once you have enough Charges stored to activate your ability, its button will light up blue. The cost of the ability will be deducted from your Charge total (so if you had five Charges and hit Mi-Nu’s ability button, she would have two remaining to apply towards the next use).

How to play Into the Dead game?

Into the Dead is not your usual zombie game as it is structured as an action game of survival with a taste of the Endless Runner appeal. Despite the seemingly odd platform, gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. Gameplay is quick to begin as players are immediately brought in the “battlefield” as soon as the game launches. Players are thrown into a field of hungry zombies desperate for a meal. What players have to do to survive will be to avoid the zombies along the way—either by swinging left and right or by shooting the zombies right on the head.

As players go through the game, they will be guided with Mission Sets which offer players bite-size goals to help the players get familiar with the controls and the gameplay. Examples of the goals set in every mission set would mostly be about running a certain distance or perhaps killing a certain number of zombies.


As the player’s level increase so does each of the goal’s difficulty. If there would be times that a player may feel that a goal may be too difficult, then they may choose to “Skip” the goal by paying up Coins.

(Gold) Coin is the game’s primary currency. In the beginning, players are awarded with only a measly amount of Gold Coins. The amount can increase after every run since a Coin is paid to the player for every time the player gets to kill a zombie. Once the player has enough coins, he or she may purchase additional Weapons, Perks (boosters for every level), and even their own set of zombies.


The main premise of the game lies heavily on the avoidance of zombies. So to be successful in that, players must master the controls and find out which of the four type of controls are the best for their play.
There are four types of controls available:

1. Tilt – wherein players may simply tilt their phone to move left and right and avoid the zombies.

2. Touch – wherein the players will tap either on the left or right side of the screen and then tap in the middle to “fire”.

3. Thumbstick – here players will move left and right by swiping the left portion of the screen while they will tap on the right side of the screen to “fire”.

4. Thumbstick Mirrored – this is the type of controls that will allow moving left to right by swiping on the right side of the screen and then tapping on the left side of the screen to “fire”.

A simple Endless Legend guide for beginners

eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate in the land of Auria!In Endless Legend the player takes on the role of one of the races that dwell in Auriga, which thanks to the power of money, war and diplomacy intends to seize control over the entire land.

In Endless Legend the player takes on the role of one of the races that dwell in Auriga, which thanks to the power of money, war and diplomacy intends to seize control over the entire land. The game includes many complex and well hidden mechanisms, and learning all of the relationships takes lots of time. The below guide is intended for both the players, for whom it is the first encounter with a 4X strategy and for the veterans of the genre.

In this guide for Endless Legend, you will find information on:

The basic game mechanisms and victory conditions;


The role of strategic and luxury goods;
The upsides and downsides of each of the factions;
management of cities and selection of heroes;
Main and side quests;
Army formation and conducting of battles;
Research, commerce and diplomacy;
Hints included in this guide concern refer to playing at the Normal difficulty level and Normal pace of game. Some of the hints become useless with different settings.
The guide has been prepared for version 0.5.18 of the game.

Endless Legend Video Game

genre: Strategy
developer: Amplitude Studios
publisher: Iceberg Interactive
platform: PC
Endless Legend is a fantasy turn-based type 4X strategy. It was produced by Amplitude studio which achieved a success in production of Endless Space.
The action takes place in a magical land – Auria. In the distant past, there was a disaster that wiped out the civilizations from the planet. Now, there are signs that the apocalypse is able to happen again, because in few last years, every winter is getting worse and worse than the previous one.
The character is a sovereign of a small town, and the players’ task is to transform a modest community in a real empire. It is obvious, that it requires constructing new buildings, setting up additional towns, taking care of the economy and conducting researches on the technology development. All the actions should be balanced properly, to provide the inhabitants food and a roof over their heads on the one hand and still have funds for investment and development of our country on the other hand.
Sooner or later, this expansion leads to conflict with other nations. The authors have developed a turn-based system of battles, which takes place on three-dimensional maps covered with hexagonal mesh. The battles are conducted using simple interface that hides a lot of tactical depth layers. The key role plays such elements like using the land or the formation. The creators have not forgotten about the players who prefer more peaceful methods of development – the success can also be achieved using pacifist methods.
The game is enriched in RPG elements. During the game, the characters regularly take part in different adventures where they can discover the secrets of lost civilizations and return home with magical artifacts. What is more, every success – both in the expeditions or battles provides experience points that can help develop the skills of heroes.

‘Asphalt 8: Airborne’ Guide: How to Spend as Little Real Money as Possible

As you may have figured out from our review, we’re really digging Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne [Free] and whole heartedly recommend it for anyone looking for an awesome arcade racing experience.

With that said, one look at the game’s extensive IAP list and some folks may be hesitant to take the plunge. Thus, the purpose of this guide is to provide some explanation as to what types of IAP are offered in Asphalt 8, whether they’re required to adequately enjoy the game, as well as tips to help folks avoid having to shell out any cash, or, if you must spend something, the most efficient ways to pick up the IAP.

Is IAP Necessary to Beat the Game?

In a word, no. There are no true pay walls, timers or anything of that sort that would raise a red flag regarding whether IAP is essential.

Asphalt 8’s IAP structure is based on either purchasing ‘car packs,’ which instantly unlock groups of cars that you would otherwise have to use in-game currency to pay for, or purchasing currency outright, allowing you the freedom to buy the cars and upgrades you want without necessarily needing to play and grind on maps.


The game also doesn’t feature a dual currency system, meaning the only currency you can buy is the type that is doled out after completing courses and earning stars. It’s relatively straightforward and fair, for the most part.

Tips for Novices

If you fall in the last group I just mentioned, things may be bleak, but there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to driving games. Before you run off and start buying the best cars and tons of cash to pimp your vehicles out, make sure you pay heed to these tips to help improve your skill set.

Find Your Control Scheme – Asphalt 8 defaults to a tilt-to-steer control scheme, which I love. However, if you’re not a big fan of accelerometer based driving, there are plenty of other options, including some without auto-acceleration and virtual buttons to control steering. I highly recommend checking them all out to make sure that you have the best one for you. A comfortable control scheme is the foundation for succeeding in a racing game.

Nitro is Everything – While racing in Asphalt 8, the one thing that should always be in the back of your mind is nitro. You should be thinking about ways to earn it, strategic parts of the track to use it, and you should master the timing behind getting a ‘perfect’ nitro boost. It not only allows you to speed past the opposition, but it gives you an easy way to take out opposing racers. So, while racing, if you can put yourself in a position to earn some extra nitro, go for it. Speaking of that…

Master the Drift – One of the best ways to earn a steady supply of nitro is to drift during curves. Drifting is as easy as tapping the break button, which starts the drift (a quick tap will end drift mode). While drifting, you can not only preserve speed during a curve, but you also earn nitro, which, as we mention above, is quite important.

Don’t Wreck! – Unfortunately, just as you can put your opponents out of commission, the same can be true for your car. Careen headfirst into a wall or crash into an oncoming big rig and you’ll wreck, taking you out of the race for precious seconds. If you haven’t built up a big lead, this also means that you’ll probably fall far behind. Thus, try to do everything in your power not to wreck. Memorize complicated turns, pay attention to oncoming traffic (they usually blink their lights as they come towards you) and try not to hit a ramp if you don’t know where you’ll land.

Explore, Explore, Explore! – This is probably one of the most important tips for playing Asphalt 8. Each map has LOADS of alternate routes, shortcuts and hidden passages. Some of them are shorter, longer, and the navigation difficulty varies. In order to ensure victory, you must master these routes and find the one that best fits your driving style while still ensuring you get an edge on the competition. The best way to do that is to simply play each one again and again while taking mental notes of where paths split and where the computer likes to go.

Top 3 best sports games for Android in 2018

Ever since the days of Pong, video games have been simulating sport. It’s a natural fit, really. You well defined, easily understood rules and tactile physics right there for the exploiting.

game Of course, many sports games these days play fast and loose with those rules. Sure, there are plenty of in-depth simulations, but there are just as many crazy offshoots. Nowhere is this diversity more evident than on mobile. #1 Football Manager Touch 2018 Undoubtedly the deepest, most involved sports game on the Google Play Store. Football Manager Touch 2018 is a dauntingly complete management game with countless variables. #2 Punch Club This charming game lets you train up your very own MMA fighter, as well as handling his humdrum life outside of the ring. There’s no actual hands-on fighting in Punch Club, but you’ll feel thoroughly involved all the same. #3 New Star Soccer New Star Soccer, in which a footballer’s career is broken down into entertainingly bite-sized mini-games, is a footy game that even non-football fans can enjoy.

Play jellipop match 3 games

New event – christmas birthday party Let’s have a good time christmas with the fairy! Unfortunately, the evil witch is angry that she wasn’t invited and destroys the whole thing with a snow fall! No time to dilly dally, assist the fairy restore the whole lot in time for christmas.

Play jellipop match 3 games
Play jellipop match 3 games
Two new methods to play – christmas ornament and pranksters. The fairy is working hard to have the prettiest christmas tree in town. Help her acquire christmas ornaments to receive her blessing in return! Fit three goodies to collect jelly drops so one can boost alongside the sweet song. With candy surprises around every corner, a brand new thriller unfolds in every realm of the jelly country. Whether you enjoy the pleasure of mind teasers or are searching for a amusing manner to loosen up, jellipop healthy affords the final enjoy of high quality entertainment. Help lily and her buddies on their adventure to store the jelly state! Playing as lily, you may fight off witches, monsters, mysterious elves, and extra on your travels for the duration of the numerous geographical regions of the dominion. Grasp your moves and free match 3 games no download up greater than 3 goodies to be rewarded with a diffusion of board clearing boosters! Use jelly spoons, cross bombs, candy juice, and different magic boosters to step up your sport. Jellipop in shape gives a selection of new capabilities, sport modes, and battles. Take at the jelly nation by myself or compete along with your pals for the very best rating! With constructed in game foreign money, jellipop match is completely unfastened to play! To buy more lives, greater movements, and other special items, charge with real money is needed. The price feature can be grew to become off by means of disabling in-app purchases to your device’s settings. Jellipop match capabilities

  • Masses of candy crammed stages with extra introduced every month!
  • Harvest new rewards each day.
  • Up to ten spins at the spin to win reels to earn gold, magical boosters, and more!
  • Raccoon’s requests to earn amusing rewards.
  • Leaderboards to music your pals’ and competition’ rankings.
  • Effortlessly sync the sport between cell and tablet devices.

Games crafty candy – Match 3 magic puzzle quest

Undertaking yourself to lots of delicious puzzles in a spellbinding magical healthy three game! Match 3 games android Be a part of candice, an apprentice witch, and cookie, the adorable kitten, thru an enchanted land of candy treats! From marshmallow madness to gooey chocolate waterfalls, find out the tastiest adventure ever!

Games crafty candy – Match 3 magic puzzle quest
Games crafty candy – Match 3 magic puzzle quest
Experience this loose recreation to your own or with friends, by matching deliciously colourful goodies, and craft spells to blast your manner to the pinnacle! Educate your brain with a variety of confusing puzzles, cast fizzy fireworks, and win captivating prizes! Spin the daily wheel to say loose rewards and raise your progress to the next level. Download now and experience

  • 1,000’s of rather fun stages!
  • Get away right into a candylicous global dripping with creamy cakes, juicy jelly, candy soda, and cute lollipops!
  • Liberate candy new seems with the witches dresser!
  • Outwit the complicated witch, trixie, in magical candy battles!
  • Connect with fb to seamlessly sync your development throughout devices!
  • Preserve track and examine your progress with your fb buddies!