Empoleon Slides Into Pokken Tournament in Japan


Step aside, Croagunk. There’s a new fighter in town. The latest character to hit Pokken Tournament is none other than Empoleon, the Water/Steel-type penguin Pokemon. A fan favorite, it is the final evolution of Piplup, one of the fourth-generation starter Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.

Empoleon is yet another DLC character for Pokken who is currently limited to the Japanese Arcade version of the game. It’s slated to be added on December 15. Previous additions to the roster include Scizor, Darkrai, and Croagunk. Unfortunately, none of these Pokemon have been added to the Wii U version of the game, either in Japan or North America.

We haven’t heard word if the English version of Pokken Tournament will receive any DLC characters. In the event that Pokken is ported to the Nintendo Switch, we imagine that it would include all post-launch content from the Japanese arcade version. Ooh, an assist pack with the starters from Sun & Moon would be a great addition too.

Source: Scorpion games

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