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This page contains tips, tricks and strategies to help you survive the automated revolt in The Surge.

Things to Do First

The world of the Surge is pretty big, and though you might quickly become an adept robo-hunter, here are some important things to know when first starting out in Abandoned Production.

Yes, the Rhino gear set looks awesome and boosts your defense and weapon damage, but it’s much harder to complete the set in the early moments of the game.

the surge

The first area, Abandoned Production, is teeming with enemies wearing Lynx gear – meaning you’ll be able to quickly acquire all the schematics you need and farm the components to put together a full armor set.

Also, the Lynx gearset only requires 12 Core Power to equip than the Rhino set (it costs 19 CP), which means you won’t need to spend extra time grinding for scrap to unlock the gear set bonus.

Before you even install your replacement power core, you’ll want to grab some extra scrap to upgrade your equipment and power core with.

After harvesting the replacement cell, turn around and head back towards the Medbay, but duck into the large metal pipe on your right – there’s a worker in here. Eliminate him for some extra scrap, then pick up the Small Pile of Rare Metal Scrap behind him.

There are also additional piles behind the machinery across from this pipe, and another up the exolift past the two drones behind the Medbay.


Also before returning to the Medbay to install your new power core, be sure to collect these two implants:

A V1 Vital Boost will add an extra 10% to your health bar. You can find it in the open blue cargo container to the right of the stairs leading up to the stairs to Ops.

The Aggression Amplifier V1 can be found by smashing the crates next to the Ops door and heading to the back of the platform, past the exo-lift. It will restore 10% of your health bar every time you perform a finishing move.


Once you get your new power core installed, you’ll want to head back out into the world. Be sure to focus your attacks on the right arm of the second worker you encounter in the Assembly Halls and perform a finisher to sever the limb.


Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Modern Combat Versus is the latest online FPS from Gameloft. In this game, players square off in four-versus-four multiplayer matches where each team attempts to maintain control of a centralized zone. The playable characters, or Agents, each have their own roles and specialties to help turn the tide of battle. Gamezebo’s Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get the hang of the basics so you can dive in and start dominating.


Move and Shoot

The controls in MCVS are fairly straightforward: you move by sliding your thumb on the left side of the screen and aim by doing the same on the right. Sliding your finger all the way up on the left so the virtual joystick is maxed will cause your character to sprint. When sprinting, they are able to jump over short obstacles or run along walls with flashing arrows on them.

Double-tapping the right side of the screen (or tapping the icon if you’ve changed this in settings) activates your alternate action. For most Agents, this is aiming down the sights to give you more range and precision when aiming at an enemy from a distance, making it easier to land headshots. A few Agents have unique alternate actions, like Ghost’s stab or Ronen’s dash.

When your reticle lands on an enemy within range, you will auto-fire on them (although you can also change this to a manual button from the settings menu). Note: even in auto mode, you will only shoot if you have a finger on the right side of the screen (aiming). Just standing still, with a reticle on the enemy but not touching the screen, will not result in an attack.

The ammo icon in the bottom-right corner allows you to reload instantly instead of waiting for your magazine to be empty. There is no crouching, jumping, or grenade throwing (unless you’re using Blaze): you really only need to worry about moving, aiming, and activating your special ability.

Special Abilities

Every character in MCVS has a special ability tailored to their role. For instance, Kan, a Defender, can place a defensive dome on the battlefield that shields any teammates standing inside its walls. Mi-Nu, an Assassin, can temporarily increase her speed and regenerate health, allowing her to slip behind enemy ranks quickly or escape an ambush.

These abilities cost Core Charges to activate: your Core Charge meter is visible on the bottom of the screen, below the ability button. The number of Core Charges you have stored up is listed on the left side of the meter while the cost of your Agent’s ability is visible just below the button and varies between Agents. Kan’s shield costs five Core Charges while Mi-Nu’s only costs three.

You earn Core Charges automatically as the battle progresses. The meter will fill with one Charge every six seconds automatically—even if you’re just standing still—but you can earn Charges faster by killing opponents and helping to capture the control zone. Once you have enough Charges stored to activate your ability, its button will light up blue. The cost of the ability will be deducted from your Charge total (so if you had five Charges and hit Mi-Nu’s ability button, she would have two remaining to apply towards the next use).