Play Freecell Solitaire card games online for free

On the Solitaire Games, Freecell maybe is the most popular card game. Minions people all over the world play freecell but they don’t really know origin of Freecell they’re playing and who is created Freecell.
FreeCell is a card game which is solved, in the majority of cases by strategy. It is played with one deck of cards – 52 cards in total which are all shown to the player throughout the game.
There are some types of Freecell Solitaire card games you can choose to play free online:
  • Freecell Green Felt
  • Eight off Solitaire – Freecell Type
  • Baker’s Game
  • Baker’s Game King Only
The game of FreeCell was created by Paul Alfille whilst he was a medical student, and is a variation of an earlier game called Baker’s Game. Alfille didn’t invent FreeCell on computer, he actually used cards to work out the game moves.
At the end of each game he commented that the cards ended up in suits, and it took quite a long time to shuffle them completely as he wasn’t very good at shuffling cards.
Alfille’s main objective in FreeCell was to know how the mathematics worked and the probabilities of achieving a perfect result.
He thought that he wanted to know how many games were winnable – and continues along the lines of – however there is a difference between the number of games which were winnable and the number of games which were actually won!
That of course, is a really interesting point. Just because there is a way of achieving a result, if the player doesn’t correctly process the information given by the cards, he may not win the game, although had he taken a different route an altogether alternative outcome may have been achieved.
The usual game of FreeCell has eight columns – however Alfille played around with variations giving between four and ten columns and between one and ten free cells. Every variant had its own ranking system for dedicated players whose objective was to get the longest winning streaks!
There are many attractive solitaire card games you can play on.

Soltrio Solitaire Review

Soltrio Solitaire is a solitaire game that costs $10. Yes, solitaire. You know, that game that comes free with every Windows PC ever made? The single-player card game that is so easy to obtain for free on the Internet that it might as well be falling out of the sky? Right. This is that, except it’s on Xbox Live Arcade, and it’s 10 bucks. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Yep, that's solitaire all right. Remind us why we'd want to pay $10 for this?

Soltrio Solitaire Review

For what it’s worth, there are 13 different varieties of the game included in Soltrio Solitaire, as well as an online multiplayer component. You get your standard solitaire variety (its official title is Klondike), as well as games like FreeCell, Archway, Grandfather’s Clock, Zodiac, Forty Thieves, and a lot of other fancy names for what are, in essence, weird rule set versions of the same solitaire game you know and love. Odds are most people won’t know how most of these variations work, so luckily there’s a rules menu that’ll pop up when you click the right bumper. Unfortunately, the explanations aren’t very good, so you’ll probably have to do a bit of messing around until you accidentally do something right.

Nice as it is to have all these games in one spot, you can still find practically all these versions of solitaire somewhere on the Internet for zero dollars. Except, maybe, for the online multiplayer mode. Of course, you probably wouldn’t want the multiplayer mode for free, let alone for cash money. Multiplayer has you competing against or playing with another player in an oddball variation of the game. When playing competitively in ranked matches, each player gets four card piles, along with a drawing pile and a junk pile. There are eight main piles with which to drop aces and then subsequent cards for each suit. Each player works to drop as many cards on the main piles as possible, as well as empty out the junk pile, which you can do any time you have a free pile or stackable section on your side of the board. The game ends once one player has their junk pile totally emptied. Cooperative play has you both trying to earn one collective score, and removes the garbage pile from the equation–you can also play a competitive version without the garbage pile in player matches, as well. It’s a weird game, and not especially fun for more than a couple of plays. Cooperative play is just boring, and the competitive game often ends so quickly that it doesn’t feel like you really did much. In our time playing, we rarely lost a competitive match, even when we didn’t know what we were doing.

And that’s pretty much the game. It’s a lot of solitaire, over and over again. You do get some little ancillary features like the ability to design your own card decks and incessant sea-faring music that plays over everything, but ultimately the music begins to grate on the soul after a short while, and unless you’re some kind of creepy playing-card aficionado, designing your own decks really isn’t much fun, and the decks you can create don’t even look very good. Other Solitaire version, you can find Clock Solitaire is look good.

Multiplayer solitaire may seem oxymoronic, but hey, here it is!
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Classic Card Gaming: Artifice of Solitaire for the iOS
Solitaire Solitaire is a Free Classic Card Gaming on the iOS
Multiplayer solitaire may seem oxymoronic, but hey, here it is!

There’s also something that just feels wrong about playing solitaire with a controller. Moving the cards around with the analog sticks is far from ideal when compared with the relative ease of use you’ll get with any PC mouse. Sometimes you’ll miss card piles or grab the wrong cards because of the imprecision of the controls. You can just press the B button to offload cards and move them to proper spots in most cases, but still, being able to mouse-click and move, and do it accurately, is just a better deal all around. Additionally, the game also has a weird quirk with its card decks, specifically if you’re playing the game on a standard definition TV. Making out the differences between the two red suits and two black suits becomes very difficult, as you can’t quite see the shapes of the suits. HD sets don’t seem to have this problem, but unless you’re squinting a bunch, you’ll have some issues with SD sets.

In truth, all these points and complaints are moot, because the whole concept surrounding Soltrio Solitaire is flawed from the get-go. Nobody needs to buy solitaire, because anyone who owns a PC already has it, and can get access to more, weirder variations of the game, typically for free, just by doing a bit of Web browsing. Silver Creek Entertainment is banking on your desire for quick and easy access to a bunch of games at once to get your $10, and perhaps even your desire to play solitaire against people (does it even qualify as solitaire anymore when two people are playing?). But don’t be fooled; the convenience of the package is offset by the goofy controls and the multiplayer’s lackluster nature. You don’t need Soltrio Solitaire, no matter how much of a solitaire nut you are.

Classic Card Gaming: Artifice of Solitaire for the iOS

Do you enjoy playing Solitaire and other classic card games? Are you looking for a different twist on these types of card games and want a little bit more of a challenge? Then Artifice of Solitaire from developerMaxim Leybovich is just for you! This app is compatible iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and it also requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Artifice of Solitaire
Artifice of Solitaire

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After Artifice of Solitaire finishes loading, the user is shown a main menu screen that allows the user to select different game play options such as “Training”, “Match Game”, or “Tournament”. The user can also view review statistics, change the games settings, and learn more about the game itself. Since this is the free version of the game app being offered, the user also has the option of purchasing the full version of the game. Please note that functions such as “Tournament” and the “Shop” are only accessible if the full version of the game is purchased.

When selecting the “Training” or “Match Game” functions, the user will be prompted to choose from the following game options: Klondike Solitaire, Spider, Free Cell, or Pyramid. Once the user selects their desired game option, they can click on the “Play” button on the bottom right hand corner to begin the actual game. Users can always revert back to the previous screen or main menu by selecting the “Cancel” button on the bottom left hand corner.  If the player ever wants to leave a current game being played, they can select the “menu” button on the bottom of the screen and return to their desired screen.

The only downside to this game app is that the user will need to have some sort of prior knowledge on how to play the actual Solitaire game in order to successfully with rounds on this app. A beginning user can attempt to make sense of it all, but might get frustrated early on, so ti would be better if they looked up on how to actually play Solitaire. Appearance and Layout:

Artifice of Solitaire App Review

The general appearance and layout of Artifice of Solitaireis simple, and bears a similar resemblance of the Solitaire games that can be played on personal computers. Individual screens are clear and easy to navigate through, and the color scheme is basic and non-distracting from actual game playing. Function buttons and options are easy to find and understand.


Since Artifice of Solitaire is offered for free, even if it is a trail version, it is still a decent deal, especially for those who love to play Solitaire, whether on the computer or with actual cards. Since it offers more than the classic game itself, both amateur and intermediate players will have plenty of game to keep them occupied with and entertained. This is highly recommended, so what are you waiting for? Get the game app today!

Artifice of Solitaire iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:

Solitaire Solitaire is a Free Classic Card Gaming on the iOS

Solitaire Solitaire from developer Brilliant Labs is the latest in releases of card games for the iOS. With sharp artwork and available for free through iTunes, Solitaire Solitaire looks to be another solid hit with card fans for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.



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For those not familiar with solitaire, listen up. Solitaire is a single-player card game, dating back to the  early 19th century, and sometimes referred to as Patience. There is several variations on this age-old classic, popular with card gamers and bored office workers alike (think FReecell on oldcomputers). Solitaire Solitaire features two different game modes: 1 or 3 card draw. Users can elect to turn the optional left-handed settings on, making game play for southpaws a little more bearable on the iOS. Card can be dragged and dropped onto their piles or simply tapped to quickly send them to their foundation. I did notice some lag or odd dragging moments with the cards, at times they would simply drift off screen, frustratingly. However, for the most part the game play is quite solid and well-done, without too many hiccups. Solitaire Solitaire keeps track of the player’s best times, scores and total number of games won. The developers have shown that they really care about listening to their users with the release of several updates. More are supposedly on the way, with one section of the app specifically referring to that as well.

If you want to play full solitaire, you can play it online with pc or laptop and try some types card games like spider solitaire 2 suit. Appearance and Layout:

Solitaire Solitaire App Review

I was quite impressed with the sharpness of the graphics in Solitaire Solitaire. It’s clear the developers didn’t just grab a few card images and slap them together to make an app. Instead, the decks and individuals cards look great on the iOS, even on non-retina screen devices. The pseudo-wood game tabletop doesn’t clash with the cards at all, rather it nicely compliments them. Finally, the app’s layout is impressively focused and easy to figure out, even from the start.


Do we really need yet another solitaire app for the iOS? The market is fairly saturated with such apps as it currently is and there isn’t a whole lot of room for another one. However, Solitaire Solitaire offers a solid gaming experience, with multiple game options, sharp graphics and a price that can’t be beat. It may very well pull in fans looking for a new app for this classic game on the iOS.

Solitaire Solitaire iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: [Rating: 4.5/5]

Discorver the supreme Solitaire Game for iOS through BVS Solitaire Collection

Most people I know, including me, love playing card games to pass the time. Like many others of my generation, I learned to enjoy the old Windows version of classic solitaire. Thankfully technology has advanced and there are plenty of options available, especially on the App Store. BVS Solitaire Collection is a must-have game for anyone who enjoys playing solitaire. bvs1-300x169

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Developed by BVS Development Corporation, this immense collection of over 200 variations of solitaire will surprise even the savviest of solitaire enthusiasts. Concept and Functionality: Yes, you read that correctly. BVS Solitaire Collection includes a grand total of 224 different solitaire games. According to the game’s App Store page, “All your old time favourites are included such as Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, Klondike, Tri-Peaks, Scorpion, Seahaven Towers, Accordion, Russian Solitaire, Monte Carlo, Forty Thieves, Flower Garden, Golf, Cruel, Yukon etc.” This sounds incredible, and it truly is. Personally I never realized there were so many variations of solitaire, and BVS Solitaire Collection does a fantastic job of making each and every game accessible. Games are sorted by type, number of decks, difficulty, and odds, and it’ll likely take new players a bit of time to get acquainted with even a fraction of the extensive list of games.

BVS Solitaire Collection iPhone Game

BVS Solitaire Collection iPhone Game

BVS Solitaire Collection plays like most solitaire games, though, in that it’s easy to tap and drag cards to their respective spots. If you decide to be adventurous, go for it. BVS Solitaire Collection includes very detailed descriptions for each game. Given how much is available in BVS Solitaire Collection, I’m definitely impressed with how easy it is to find your way around the game. You can even access a detailed menu while playing by tapping on a blank space on the board, and you can quickly change games, play a new game, and check out statistics. Features: If 224 variations of solitaire isn’t enough to impress, BVS Solitaire Collection also includes a few extra features that make it an incredibly comprehensive game. This includes very detailed statistics, which gives users a great overview of performance on various games. Also, one of the things that makes BVS Solitaire Collection very unique is the fact that you can fine-tune each and every solitaire game by modifying rules. Yes, that’s right; you can even create your own variation of solitaire. This includes changing foundations, number of redeals, and tableaus. You can give your custom game a name and enjoy it anytime, just like other BVS Solitaire Collection games. Value: BVS Solitaire Collection is available to download from the App Store for $5.99 and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad. It’s also available on Mac and PC. While this might seem like a steep price for an iOS card game, BVS Solitaire Collection offers an unbelievable number of features and games for players. Personally I think the ability to create your own solitaire variation is what really makes the game incredible. Overall, if you’re an avid player of solitaire, BVS Solitaire Collection is a must-have game. It might take awhile to get used to navigating such a feature-rich game, but you’ll be trying different games and creating your own games in no time. I highly recommend it!

Free FreeCell Solitaire 2016

Free FreeCell Solitaire 2015 brings you a collection of four popular card games packaged in a single application. It features beautiful graphics and animation.


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Publisher’s Description From Tree Card Games: Free FreeCell Solitaire 2016 is a completely free collection of 4 great solitaire games (Eight Off, FreeCell, FreeCell Two Decks, Stalactites) with a user-friendly interface and top quality graphics and animations. What’s new in this version:

  • Now you can play Free FreeCell Solitaire online in your browser on any Desktop, Laptop, Mac or Tablet.
  • For Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 PC or Tablet, you can play FreeCell Collection Free.
  • Install the App from the Windows Store.
  • The new version of Free FreeCell Solitaire includes minor improvements.

Pros This is the greatest substitute for the old win xp freecell. I love it! Getting hooked on a variation of freecell called Bakers game – tricky!! Cons Not enough time to play ? Summary Recommended for all frecell junkies

FreeCell, Solitaire and other card games that are most suitable for iPhone and iPad

Card games let you spice up your free time. Whether you are in a group or just alone, you can launch onto it whenever you desire to fill your times with fun. The best thing about them is that you never feel like mastering their art so easily.

Card games are known to be fun-loving and full of exciting tricks. Throughout the game, you’ve got to keep guessing and anticipating how to outsmart your opponents. A little laggardness on your part costs you big time.

#1. FreeCell (Mobilityware)


FreeCell is the sort of game that will consume your time. By the time you realize you have spent a heck of a time on this game, you are already in the midst of some interesting yet intriguing situation of the game. And you just don’t seem to have enough of it as yet. That’s how this card game for you!

You have to move all the cards to foundation stacks using the four free cell spots as placeholders. A version of FreeCell solitaire, this is as joy riding as you ever like.

#2. Head Ups


Having been described as a Sensation by New York Times and equally lavishly praised by Cosmopolitan, this card game is up there with any card game of top-notch quality.

The rule of the game is simple. From singing songs, naming celebrities to silly accents, you get immense joy while playing the game. You have to guess the word on the card which is on your head with your friends’ clues before the timer runs out.

With this game you can play with many scintillating categories. With 18 themed decks, you will never get enough of the game.

#3. Phase 10


Phase 10 is for the folks who love rummy. You’ll have a great time playing this game with friends. Race with your opponents and complete your 10 first, ensuring you remain ahead of them. That’s the main purpose of the game.

Though not trick-filled game with numerous tough moments, it has what it takes to keep you glued to it.

#4. Spider Solitaire


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Your entire goal in the card game is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from king to ace.

You have the freedom to customize the backdrops and card backs with your photos from library and personalize them. You can play this game in different modes based on your level of play free spider solitaire. Like, you can try your hands at easy 1- suit but if you think that you are good enough you can go further – 2-suits or even 4-suits or even “spiderette” game modes.

This is a simple game with quick animation and subtle sounds.

#5. Hearts!!


Hearts is for the crazy card lovers. You have to play against three computer opponents. The faces of the card are large, easy to see and can be arranged with much ease.

The screen shows the point running total and score. Not a game to give plenty of anxious moments, but you would love every moment of the game with joy.

#6. Skip-Bo


This is a family card game and contains enough stuff to keep you engrossed. Ready to get into the action, set the cards in the sequential order while making sure you are not surpassed by your opponents. Who-so-ever gets rid of all the cards in their deck wins the game.

A simple game involving smart techniques to outsmart your opponents, Skip-Bo can get addictive pretty fast.

Spider Solitaire – App Free by MobilityWare


The classic Spider Solitaire card game you played on Windows™ is now available to play on your Apple device!

Daily Challenges: each day you’ll receive a Daily Challenge. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns!

Spider Solitaire Free
Spider Solitaire carg game

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Spider Solitaire has the same high standards and polished gameplay you’ve come to expect from the makers of the #1 free Solitaire game! Download now, and relive the familiar card game you know and love with the best Windows™ Spider Solitaire in the app store.

Also known as Spiderette or Spiderwort, Spider Solitaire is an extremely popular variant of Solitaire that will puzzle your brain for hours of endless fun! Your goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending suit sequence. Weave your way as a beginner through 1 and 2 suit games and move up in difficulty as you attempt to tackle 3 and 4 suit games and become a true Spider Solitaire master! == Spider Solitaire Features == • Daily Challenges • Stunning animations • Flawless graphics and classic interface • 1 suit game (easiest) • 2 suit game • 3 suit game • 4 suit game (most difficult) • Winning Deals that guarantee at least one winning solution • Unrestricted Deal allows player to deal cards even with empty slots • Unlimited undo option and automatic hints • Track your Spider Solitaire statistics • Tips for winning • Custom pictures for card backs and backgrounds • Tap to move for quick gameplay • Right hand or left hand play • Landscape or portrait view • Customized settings to suit your taste

Solitaire Review by MobilityWare

unnamedSolitaire by MobilityWare is the #1 Solitaire card game on Android! If you like Windows Solitaire, you’re going to love our old school Solitaire game! Popular with casual fans and casino lovers alike, this is the same Solitaire game AS SEEN ON TV, and the only Solitaire app that includes Daily Challenges. A unique Daily Challenge appears every day to test your logic and train your brain! Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! MobilityWare Solitaire stays true to the classic Solitaire card game (also known as Klondike or Patience), the most popular version of Solitaire. With amazing graphics tailored for Android and the best game play of any Solitaire app on the market, you’ll have a blast rediscovering your favorite classic game! Solitaire is FREE to download! Play the classic card game now! Solitaire is also known as Patience. SOLITAIRE BY MOBILITYWARE FEATURES: NEW: Play Solitaire in Immersive Mode ♦ Old school games take on new life in Immersive Mode: Play without distraction ♦ Classic Solitaire: remove the Menu and Status Bar on devices that utilize the Navigation Bar (requires Android 4.4 or above) Fun Addicting Games of Classic Klondike Solitaire ♠ Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card ♠ Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards ♠ Winning Deals: Increase the challenge ♠ Vegas Cumulative: Keep your score rolling over ♠ Addicting, unique ways to play! Challenge Games of Solitaire – Unlock Challenges Each Day ♥ Daily Challenges task you with completing unique feats every day ♥ Challenges keep the classic game of solitaire new every time ♥ Play Solitaire every day for a unique, challenging game! Classic Games, Modern Options ♣ Portrait or Landscape view mode ♣ Solitaire statistics tracker: study your progress and playstyle ♣ Cards & Tables can be fully customized ♣ No wifi required for Random Deals. Play anywhere! Brain Training – Keep your Mind Sharp ♦ Solitaire is the original Logic puzzle. Stay mentally fit with a fun card game! ♦ Brain Games can help kids and adults alike in a fun, engaging way ♦ Challenges & Achievements will puzzle your brain, put your logic skills to the test and keep you coming back to play! Vegas Casino Style Scoring ♠ Vegas scoring means plenty of authentic casino fun ♠ Vegas fans will flip for Solitaire! Keep the score rolling with Vegas Cumulative Mode ♠ Casino Blackjack & poker lovers won’t be able to put Solitaire down! Multiplayer & Leaderboards ♥ View your scores on the leaderboards ♥ Play with friends: race against friends and see who finishes the fastest! Solitaire by MobilityWare is one of the best fun free games for kids and adults alike! If you’ve ever played Solitaire on your PC, enjoyed a round of casino blackjack, or any variants like Spider Solitaire or Tripeaks Solitaire, you’ll feel right at home in this authentic, original Klondike Solitaire game

Top Best solitaire games for your Android

When you talk about card games, I’m sure Solitaire is already part of the list. Solitaire refers to a card game you can play by yourself. We can’t deny that Solitaire is really an addictive game and it prevents us from getting bored at home. Instead of bringing a pack of cards with you and risk losing one or two of the cards to carelessness or a particularly strong breeze, check out this list of Solitaire games for your Android device.

Solitaire (MobilityWare)

There are many different versions of the Solitaire app you can choose from, but, perhaps, nothing beats Solitaire (MobilityWare), the classic solitaire game. Solitaire by MobilityWare is probably one of the most popular solitaire apps created on Android with its great features like tablet support, the option to install it on your SD card, draw 1 and 3 cards, and many more The Solitaire app developed by MobilityWare has smooth graphics and game statistics to show the result of the game and can be played on both Android phones and tablets. Download Solitaire by MobilityWare now and enjoy classic solitaire straight on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Solitaire (Ken Magic)

Another classic Solitaire app that you will surely like is Solitaire (Ken Magic), a simple solitaire game app but loaded with features. Solitaire developed by Ken Magic has variations of solitaire including regular, Spider, Freecell, and Forty Thieves. If you have made a wrong step, you can undo your move by pressing the back button. You can also use the search button in case you don’t have a trackball. One of the things I like about the app is its simplicity; it’s like the plain solitaire game that you can play on your personal computer. Complete the appropriate order by matching the card suits. The Solitaire game developed by Ken Magic is the ideal app for users who just want to play good old classic Solitaire. For Android users looking for a simple Solitaire app, download this one now because I’m sure this app is the one you are looking for.

Solitaire (Softick)

Introducing Solitaire (Softick), a solitaire game app with a twist. It is still the same solitaire game you love on your personal computers but one of  the app’s great twists is that this solitaire game is made to fit any Android screen, whether it is an Android phone or a tablet. You can also personalize your solitaire game into your own version. Play this solitaire and be addicted to it. Compete with other solitaire players and achieve the highest score among solitaire players. This app is perfect for Android users who usually get bored at home or need something to do with their free time.

Solitaire Free Pack

All your favorite solitaire games with their amazing features have been compacted into one amazing solitaire app, Solitaire Free Pack. Get ready to enjoy the best and most popular solitaire games in the Android world such as Klondike Solitaire, Freecell, Golf, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Pyramid, Tripeaks, Spider, Scorpion Solitaire, and much more. Enjoy amazing features like unlimited undo and redo functionality if ever you’ve made a wrong move, cool statistics for every game, being able to move the app to your SD card, better graphics, and the ability to fit any Android device screen, whether it’s a tablet or a phone. Download Solitaire Free Pack now and enjoy a total of 130 games in just one app, made just for you.

Spider Solitaire

One of the most popular versions of Solitaire is Spider Solitaire. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this version, the mechanics of the game is quite similar to the original version but has an interesting twist. The same-suit mechanic has been slightly altered, so that you can rest your Four of Diamonds on your Five of Spades but the end game still requires you to compile the cards of the same suit in the appropriate numerical order. Enjoy up to 4 different suits of the game, as well as automatic saving when your game is interrupted, unlimited undo when you have made a wrong move, hints and games statistics, and being able to install this on your SD cars. Download this app now and enjoy Spider Solitaire on your Android phones and tablets.

250+ Solitaire Collection

Get ready to be amazed by 250+ Solitaire Collection, one of the best solitaire apps with over 250 different solitaire games that you can enjoy day and night. This is perfect for those of you who are looking to get away from boredom. Enjoy solitaire variants such as Freecell, Klondlike, Canfield, Pyramid, Scorpion, original games, and much more. The 250+ Solitaire Collection has the different rules and descriptions of the games with a demonstration so you will easily understand how to play them. The 250+ Solitaire Collection app has great graphics and nice backgrounds that you will surely love. It also comes with a search engine for easy browsing and a game list of the games you should not miss playing.

FreeCell Solitaire

One of the versions of solitaire is now on your Android device. FreeCell Solitaire is its name, developed by MobilityWare, and is made even better because of its amazing features. What’s different about FreeCell Solitaire from other versions of solitaire is that it has eight racks where you will place your cards. The first four is where you will put the completed cards with the same card suit in order and the other four is where you put the four aces of cards. All the cards of this version are already revealed, unlike Spider Solitaire and the other versions of this game. FreeCell Solitaire has amazing features like random games, automatically saving your game when interrupted, unlimited undo, the option to be installed on your SD card, game stats, lots of hints and many more.

Solitaire Deluxe

If you are looking for a Solitaire app that has game collections with stunning HD display, the search is over because Solitaire Deluxe is already here. Solitaire Deluxe is an arcade with 16 different games including your favorite games on your PC like Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell. Enjoy its stunning features like daily winnable deals, advanced graphics, easy and quick guides for 16 different games, support for landscape and portrait modes, and backgrounds that can be customized to make it more personal. You can also get in touch with your friends and compare scores with other Solitaire Deluxe players through social networking sites like Facebook. Enjoy these 16 games in one great app for free, so download this app now and get the best of the best solitaire games in just one app and play it anytime, anywhere.

Star Solitaire

If you love the Microsoft version of Solitaire, then I’m sure you will love Star Solitaire. This app is still similar to the Windows Solitaire you love but with four modes of solitaire to play: Regular, Spider, Freecell, and Forty Thieves. Star Solitaire, also known as Klondike, has the same mechanics as other similar solitaire apps on Android. Arrange the cards in order and  place them on the four racks located above with just a tap of your fingers.  To play Spider Solitaire, click the track ball or the search button. You can also submit your scores to the online leaderboard to compete with other players around the globe. Download Star Solitaire now and get ready to be addicted to this game.

Pyramid Solitaire

If you’re looking for a solitaire app that is different from other solitaire games, Pyramid Solitaire is the game you want play. Pyramid Solitaire is a game that is specially designed for Android with 25 customization options. Customize your app with great card sets, backgrounds, and other settings depending on your mood. You can use different colors or your pictures from your album as your background to make it more exciting. It’s easy to play — pair up all cards with ranks that equal 13.  For instance, K is equal to 13.  A and Q, respectively 1 and 12, also add up to 13, as does J and 2 or 10 and 3. You can also build your own pyramid and customize it to your liking and unleash your creativeness. Download this app now and get to ready to build a pyramid of cards for free. Solitaire may be a game that you play all by your lonesome, but it’s a great time killer and a great way to improve strategic thinking.  Do you enjoy playing solitaire?  Which of these apps is your favorite?